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  • Matt Stoner

Remembering Bruce Nelson

It has been 21 years today since Bruce's passing and I wanted to share some of the great innovations he was responsible for. His designs and craftsmanship helped to shape an entire industry. He was an advocate for Gun owner's rights and as a dedicated educator he touched and encouraged many lives. I had the great honor to know and learn from him. I reflect on the influence he had on me with great respect and gratitude. As a Rookie police officer I was lucky enough to hang out with Bruce as he worked in his shop and was able to "pick his brain." His designs were simple, yet brilliant and as he once said to me when discussing designs "I dont use any more leather then necessary to accomplish the task." That has always stuck with me, I cant tell you how many times I have applied that in one form or another throughout my life. So I wanted to share some of my collection without a bunch of words I will let the leather speak for itself.


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