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Quiver (KeyMod) Instructions

Installing the Quiver on a KeyMod is similiar to any KeyMod accessory, however we do recommend using Blue Loctite on the hardware (a good practice on any accessory going on a social/duty weapon).

After Placing the Quiver in the position/Slot you want it in, be sure to push it all the way forward and tighten hardware.

Next using the provided Set Screw, install it all the way if possible, you do not want to touch the barrel, but at least long enough to protrude out the back side (preventing the Quiver from backing out of the slot)

The Quiver is installed and ready for duty use.


The .308 Cartridge is tapered so only push the round in deep enough to secure it, it is possible to push the round in too deep to the point you will not be able to remove it without the help of tools. So experiment to find what works for you.

If you look into the portion of the Quiver that contains the projectile, you will notice two small reddish rubber stops. These rubber stops will help prevent the round from being pushed in too deep. They are not necessary for normal operation, as this portion of the Quiver does not come into contact with the projectile, it is only there to protect the projectile from damage.

If using other cartridges such as 30-06 you may need to remove the rubber stops.

The Quiver comes with a supplemental restraint device (its really just an O-Ring) but a simple solution for those that would like more retention. Simply place the O-Ring around the set screw head and work it down until it is wedged in snuggly. Now weave it around the two cartridges and you are ready for Airborne Ops.


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