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Scope Dope Cards
  • Scope Dope Cards

    The Scope Dope Card is a decal designed to be placed on the inside of the occular lens cap on your scope.  Thus allowing a quick reference of your Data On Previous Engagments (DOPE). We offer 3 variations for whatever best suits your needs.

    From Top to Bottom

    1) Scope Dope 1K extends the distance from 200 to 1000 in 100 increments

    2) Scope Dope 2.5  The Scope Dope 2.5 was designed with the competitor and hunter in mind. With distances graduating in 50 yard/meters increments out to 650 in addition at the top is room for your load and average feet per second (FPS) data.

    The 2.5 and 1K Decals also have a Return to Zero decal for the outside of the Occular lens cap to remind the shooter to return your scope to Zero, which we have all made that mistake at one time or another (dont be that guy)

    3) Scope Dope Plus has 200 to 600 lines with room for you to customize and also has a camo decal for the objective lens cap.

    4) Scope Dope Police- FDE only has inside zero data comon in Law Enforcement

    Get one of our choice Free with every purchase with addtion cards starting at $1.00

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