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Accuracy International AT-XC AX AXSR AT
  • Accuracy International AT-XC AX AXSR AT

    The HopticUSA Saddle Blanket for the Accuracy International AIAX, AIMC, AIAT,  now AXSR Chassis.

    AT-X AT-XC  *Note this platform is being shipped with two differet size cheek risers. Some have the same riser as the AX and some have a new slim line with smaller wings on the side (See photos) If your AT-X has full size side wings order the AIAX.
    The first in a line of 1/8" Polyethylene padded Cheek Rest.
    Adhesive Backing and precision Laser cut for a perfect form fit.
    Each Purchase includes two Saddle Blankets.
    Starting at $15.99

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